What’s the torque of lamp holder?

lamp holder types

E14 type lamp holder: 1N.m
E27 type lamp holder: 1.5N.m
E40 type light bulb socket: 3N.m

At the end of the test, the light bulb socket shall meet the following requirements:
A light bulb socket that should not impede its continued use;
One should not weaken its anti electric shock performance.

edison screw lamp holder adapter e14
An electrical contact component should not be loose;
The connection between the shell and the roof should not be loosened;
A locking screw for locking the threaded pipe shall not be loose.

torque of lamp holder:

-ES type lamp holder: 0.3 N / m;
– E10 type lamp holder: 0.3N “m”;

E14 type candle holder fixed with screwed tube: 0.5N. M:
E14 type candle holder with shell fixed: 1.2N. M:
Other E14 type lampholders, 1.2N & m;

-E27 type lamp holder: 2N. M;
A E40 type lamp holder: 4N. M

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